Sorry Boomers...You Are Living Far Too Long!

Sorry Boomers...You Are Living Far Too Long!

Hi, Dominus Markham here...

...and yes, I am a Boomer myself!

Welcome to "The Boomers World" and I am guessing the largest percentage of readers will actually be "Baby Boomers", those born between 1946 and 1964. The label for this generation evolved from the literal increase in births in the wake of World War II.

Since 1964 we have had Generation X (1965 - 1980), Millennials, also known as Generation Y (1981 - 1996), Generation Z (born after 1997)...and some talk of there being Generation Alpha (?) those born after 2010.

So, we have a problem...well, as the title indicates, there is a perception that "we" have a problem.

When you talk to the X, Y and Zed's, we, the Boomers, are the sole cause of all issues in the World, whether that be the price of bread, political unrest, global warming and possibly all of the documented Seven Sins.

Also, governments seem to have a bit of "thing" against us....ironic when most of them are also Boomers? We are living longer, which means as we do age, we will become a massive barnacle on societies Health and Social Services, backside.

Now, there are some fairly boring statistics as to how many of us wealthy (ha I wish), enlightened (hmmm), mature (hahaha) people there are kicking around the globe. Truth of it is most stats are based on US Census reports and actually it gives an indicator that Boomers number around 12 to 15% of the Worlds population...


The Generation classifications cover periods of economic and social change and mostly based in US, UK and European observations following "Booooming Birth Rates" in those areas. So are you a Boomer if you were born within that TIME classification but grew up in a remote region of the Globe?

Our application of these generational periods serves as a benchmark of population growth in certain regions, and yes during certain times, and the changes in our traditional social and economic activities influenced by technological advancements......pheeeeew, that sounds so Open University doesn't it? lol.

Anyways, back to the Boomers Blame Culture...

We are sorry that we maintained some traits of those that went before and liked to watch this new moving pictures box in the corner, read our broadsheet newspapers, liked magazines, the radio (bit like podcasts :) ), started World Peace Movements and enjoyed the odd spliff here and there.

Apologies also that 90% of us have Facebook profiles in an effort to "keep current" and in touch with family and friends.

Also I should mention, in deeming to live longer than people hoped, and although many of us have worked all of our lives and STILL ARE, we paid our taxes, government health piggy banks contributions, into state or private pension slot machines, the guys and gals steering the ships are shaking their heads not having a clue what to do.

Did we take you by surprise?

Isn't there a finance and statistics department in governments that do projections of forthcoming decades?

I think its worth mentioning that people of a certain age, are working longer, into a period that was previously seen as a time when they would retire and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

And a quick one on Global Warming and Environmental will have heard of Earth Day?

Earth Day started in 1970.....I was 10 years it isn't a new thing that you X, Y and Zeders have gotten behind.

Global Warming...

Sooooo....who shall we blame?

The First Industrial Revolution, Coal, Railroads, Land Clearance, Improved Farming which led to increased population...

The changes/causal effects had started to be measured in the early 1800's and Global Warming was identified in 1896 in a published paper.

NOW......putting another thought into this somewhat gloomy post, and referencing some study I did with the Open University back in 1992......what we also have to consider is what percentage of human attributable effect there has been on Global Warming against what is actually a natural phenomena that happens in cycles to the planet over time? But I guess many will say I am fobbing this off...not so.

I am not saying we, globally, are not to blame for a percentage acceleration but that Science and World Powers ie the people that everyone votes in to look after their best interests as long as we are good boys n girls and pay our dues, again, kinda knew this was on the cards.

Anyways, future posts will not focus on the blame game, my aim is to cover off many topics that are important our Boomer Generation and offer resources and tips on routes to overcome some of the difficulties we do and will encounter in the coming years.

All the very best

Dominus Owen Markham

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